Personalized Playing Cards Info

Personalized playing cards come in two main sizes – bridge and poker. Although we offer fully custom playing cards in assorted shapes and sizes – poker and bridge remain by far the most popular. Bridge size runs 2.25 in width by 3.5 in length while poker is a quarter of an inch wider measuring 2.5 inches wide by 3.5 in length.

Calvin Klein Personalized Playing Cards

Calvin Klein Personalized Playing Cards

Which are the backs?
The backs are the side that is generally uniform. Although you can have custom faces and backsfor flash cards – for custom poker decks the backs have to be uniform in order to play the game

What are the faces?
The faces re the side with the numbers A Ace- K King 2-10 and the PIPS spades diamonds hearts and clubs. The pips on our custom decks can be your own or you can use the standard pips we have. The entire face of the deck can be customized.

Why isn’t your site automated and why aren’t there any prices?
In order to give you an accurate quotation and find the product and print method that is right for you we need to know:
The date you need them
The colors the cards will print on the backs
If you need custom boxes or custom faces
What you will be using them for to determine if you need casino or promotional quality.
We prefer that you speak directly to one of our experts or email us so that we may go over all the details with you to provide a truly accurate price quote and not just send you a price list and have you try to figure it out by yourself. our pricing will come with a total so that you know what the bottom line is, right from the start!