Cards Against Humanity Holiday Packs

We are so proud to have made these shiny red Cards Against Humanity holiday packs – I cannot even tell you.  70 thousand dollars from the profits of these packs was donated to wikipedia.

The whole idea of the holiday packs was that buyers could offer to pay whatever they thought the packs were worth to them.  Each buyer made their offer and was shipped a holiday pack.  There were 75 thousand made in total and these went very quickly. Now the holiday packs have become something of a collectors item.

The shiny red packs contain 30 new and unique cards that contain messages relating to the holiday season and the New Year.

Some included white cards are:

Elf Cum, Gift-wrapping a live hamster, Another shitty year and My hot cousin.

Some included black cards are:

Jesus is____________  and  my favorite

This holiday season, Tim Allen must overcome his fear of __________to Save Christmas.

I hate to tell you which white card I would love to use with that one!! :)





The cards were manufactured with a linen finish.  The custom foil bags were printed and the cards were inserted and sealed into the bags.  Similar in size to baseball card packs – these expansions have been seen to fetch as much as $65 on e bay!!.  Custom playing cards in foil packs are available through Ad Magic in a variety of sizes and can be printed in full color.

Custom playing cards in foil packs

Custom playing cards in foil packs

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